I have a serious case of self help fatigue

Wake up early everyday, exercise more, recall happy memories, day dream more, embrace boredom, get on with it, start a work routine, dress as if you were going to work (even if you’re not), unclutter your workspace, mess up your workspace…

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Without Country

The rigger coiled the line of wet rope around his hand, reeling in the sea crate they were using as a makeshift raft. ‘Look…

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I updated my list of post-apocalyptic papers

For those traumatised by some previous apocalyptic event, take solace in the fact that I have updated my post apocalyptic theory reading list with…

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I am not a writer after all

There is a magnetism passing between writers and books, once you determine yourself to be a ‘writer’. Each passing year, this magnetism draws millions…

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A Funeral for Eddie Moon

Those lucky enough to subscribe to Meanjin, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected literary journals, now have one more reason to turn to…

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This is the video that started Commoner

Over the last few months I’ve been working with Smith Journal on a new video offering for their delicious print magazine. Today I’m happy to share the first…

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