I have a serious case of self help fatigue

Wake up early every day, exercise more, recall happy memories, day dream more, embrace boredom, get on with it, start a work routine, dress as if you were going to work (even if you’re not), unclutter your workspace, mess up your workspace, work from a different room in the house, take up hobbies that use your hands, choose rounded furniture, process plan, identify discipline gaps, ‘gamify’ mundane tasks, don’t check email before 10am, do the most important task first, work outside one day a week, work in a shared workspace, join a habit group, prioritise the days tasks before you start work, reflect on each days success, keep a journal, write 1000 words everyday, listen to music for 30 minutes everyday, use anger to smash through creative blocks, go to an art gallery, do yoga, meditate 10 minutes every day, start small, think big, stop dreaming and start doing, listen to your friends, don’t listen to your friends, avoid developing an ego, read more, make more mistakes, embrace imperfection, build a body of work, ship on time, aim higher, live more for the moment, don’t set expectations, self evaluate more, don’t set goals (create habits instead), don’t make new years resolutions (make mantras), do work you love, don’t settle for just ‘good enough’, and dedicate your life to a cause.

No wonder I’m staring at a blank screen.


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