I’m a better person when I wake up early

Felt like I needed a tweak to my morning routine this year and have adapted the general philosophy of the 5am club, amending it ever so slightly to 5.30am. When you don’t have kids and your work commute is little more than a 5 minute bike ride, a little comfort zone in the wakeup time seemed appropriate. And besides, 5am is awfully close to tipping into the 4 figure, and that still feels like ‘night time’ to me.

I don’t follow the 5am club thing too seriously, other than always beginning with exercise. Most mornings I’m out running with Milton or heading to the gym. It’s only 7 days in, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

But the morning does has its advantages; the streets are quiet, the temperature refreshing (it’s summer here) and so far I seem to use the first two hours of each day more productively than the last two.

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