Sometimes I wish I was Italian

Being an anglo saxon 3rd generation aetheist Australian can be a real bore sometimes. My shallow (though richly independent) roots have left me fairly barren when it comes to familial tradition. Yet since watching Looking for Alibrandi in high school I’ve always had soft affection for the yearly Italian Passata pilgrimage. So this year, I thought I’d try out a little cultural appropriation of my own, bring together a posse, and make some sauce.

Drawing on a long line of tradition (ie the Internet), we decided on this recipe, but totally forgot the salt (though according to this site, that’s not such a train wreck). From 90kg of tomatoes we ended up with about 75 bottles of sauce. Tracking down a local farmer is pretty much essential, as we were able to get tomatoes by the crate at just under a $1 a kg. They were amazing Romas too, ripe and ready for saucing.

It took about 10 people 3 hours to do the work (and drink beer), plus an extra couple of hours for the boiling of the bottles (also best undertaken with beer). The taste surprised even me. A sweet sauce that bears little resemblance to the salt laden stuff you buy at the supermarket. A tradition well worth appropriating.

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