A Funeral for Eddie Moon

Those lucky enough to subscribe to Meanjin, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected literary journals, now have one more reason to turn to page 135 of the spring edition; a new story from me called A Funeral for Eddie Moon.

I have long admired Meanjin from afar, so I am totally thrilled to grace their beautiful pages. The spring edition features a bunch of incredible writers, some I’ve read before, some delightfully new. My favourite story from this edition is Marion Halligan’s Eating Oysters, which is written with such deft grace that it reads as smoothly as the title suggests.

A Funeral for Eddie Moon is a bit of a departure in style for me. It almost turned me insane writing it, as I attempted to entwine the stories of 14 characters into 4000 words.

The first few drafts were far less ambitious. Originally, the story was planned as 3-4 stories told separately. But as much as I would have liked to keep things simple, the story really didn’t come alive for me until I bought all the characters together into a chaotic, Virginia Wolf-inspired melodrama.

It’s always interesting to me how each story demands its own attention. Sometimes you steer, sometimes you let the wheel go. And then sometimes (just sometimes) it doesn’t end in a horrific crash.

For those with a copy of Spring Meanjin, below I’ve curated a short soundtrack to read to. I’ve always loved Philip Glass’ compositions, and I must have listened to his albums a dozen times over whilst writing the story. Hopefully it adds to your experience (and if it doesn’t, that’s cool too.)


A Funeral for Eddie Moon by Mark Welker on Grooveshark

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